Ecuadorian Musical Genres

Ecuadorian music and dance are important components in all cultural manifestations in New York City. A strong desire to either maintain or create a connection with Ecuadorian culture makes Ecuadorian Americans gravitate towards traditional music and dances from Ecuador, an art expression where they find cultural identity and a sense of where they came from. 

  To assist the Ecuadorian American community in their quest to learn more about their culture and help them learn about Ecuadorian music and dance from experts, we created a series of videos titled “Ecuadorian Musical Genres and Dances.” These short videos, which last about 5 to 6 minutes each, talk about a specific musical genre or dance from Ecuador, including its  origins and development over time. It also instructs viewers on the basic dance steps and how to dance with a partner.  


Edison Guaita

Musician, researcher, and professor of traditional Ecuadorian music. He is the author of several songs with different themes and musical genres.

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