Profiles: A documentary series

The Ecuadorian American community is one of the largest and most vibrant in New York City. Mass migration of Ecuadorians to this city began in the 1960s and has seen multiple waves ever since. As a result, we have numerous generations of Ecuadorian Americans living in New York, and they have plenty of stories to tell.  

“Profiles: Ecuadorian Americans in New York City” seeks to document our history as an immigrant group and increase our visibility in the community. The project documents the lives and achievements of Ecuadorian Americans who call New York City their home, as well as highlights their social, economic, and political contributions. These short videos of about 5 to 6 minutes give these individuals the opportunity to share with the audience their interests, work, achievements, or anything of which they are proud.  

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Sesion 1

  • Jeannette Neto – Peace Corps Volunteer and Miss Mochilera Director
  • Jose Juan Paredes – Musician and Founder of Chota Madre
  • Ninotska Love – LGBTQ and Immigrants Rights Activist
  • Edison Morocho – Event Planner and Entrepreneur
  • Stephan Sebastian Herrera – Writer
  • Denise Garcia  – Hip Hop Ambassador & Artist
  • Monica Sarmiento – Visual artist and professor
  • Franklin Paucar – Diplomat officer & Accounting Engineer

Associate Producer: Gabriela Barzallo
Director/Producer: Diego Cobena

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