The Ayazamana Dance Group was founded in 1992 by Jose Rivera with the goal of allowing the community to have greater access to Ecuadorian culture through the art of dance. Participants perform to different traditional rhythms of The Pacific Coast (La Costa), The Andes (La Sierra), and The Amazon (El Oriente) to showcase the richness and diversity that exists in this South American country.

The troupe is composed of approximately thirty dancers and has a repertoire of more than 15 choreographies. Each piece is rooted in different community groups, celebrations, and traditions of Ecuadorian culture. Some of these include Danzantes of Pujili, Inti Raymi in Cayambe, and Bomba from the Chota Valley.


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Open call for new dancers is now closed. We will be re-opening recruitment for new dancers in Fall 2023. 

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Jose Rivera is an artist and founder of an Ecuadorian dance group, he is presenting himself with a hat in hand.
Jose Rivera

Artistic director and founder. Jose started dancing at the age of fifteen when he joined the renowned troupe Ballet Folklórico Ecuatoriano de Virginia Rosero. He has since performed throughout Latin America, Italy, Japan, and the U.S.A. He started Ayazamana Dance Group in 1992 out of his home in Queens, NY.

Justo Santos is an Ecuadorian dance instructor an he is sitting in a park
Justo Santos

Assistant dance instructor and wardrobe director. Justo possesses vast experience and knowledge in sewing, design, and traditional Ecuadorian costumes. His creations have been seen across cultural stages, fashion shows, and beauty pageants. He joined Ayazamana Dance Group in 2008.

Ayazamana Dance Group has performed at the following locations and events:

Atlantic City’s Kennedy Plaza,
Brooklyn Music School,
Colgate University,
Columbia University,
Ecuadorian Embassy,
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts,
Huntington Town Hall,
Jacob’s Pillow,
Museum of Natural History,
Museum of the American Indian,
Museum of the City of New York,
United Nations,
New York Hall of Science,
New York University,
Queens Museum,
Queens Public Library,
Queens Theatre,
Queensboro Dance Festival,
CUNY and SUNY Schools


There are no upcoming events at this time

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