Ecuadorian American Cultural Center - EACC

Our mission is to promote and advance Ecuadorian and Ecuadorian American culture in New York City through the arts by partnering with local artists and community groups. Learn more!


Explore And Book Space At The EACC

Spacious and versatile with a generous size, Salon 1 provides ample space for workshops, seminars, training sessions, conferences, meetings, and auditions.

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Grupo de danza Ayazamana bailando música del ecuador

Ayazamana Dance Group

Ayazamana performs traditional dances from different regions of Ecuador to showcase the cultural richness and diversity of this South American country.

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Children Dance Program

Children’s Dance Program:

Ñukanchik Sapi, which in the Kichwa language means “our roots,” is the name of our children’s dance program. It meets every Saturday and performs seasonal recitals.

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Amawta Roots - Musicians Program

Amawta Roots is part of a professional musicians program at the Ecuadorian American Cultural Center’s initiative to amplify Ecuadorian American musical genres, instruments and talent.

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Theater Program

The Ecuadorian American Cultural Center’s Theater Program’s mission is to provide the theater community with the opportunity to put together a performance open to the public that portrays the Ecuadorian and Ecuadorian American experience in New York City.

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profile Jose Juan Paredes


A new project of short interviews that seeks to explore, document, and share the lives of Ecuadorians and Ecuadorian-Americans in New York City.

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Video about history migration ecuadorian to New York

Ecuadorian Immigration Series

A new docuseries of stories told by Ecuadorians who migrated to New York in the 1960s through 1980s. They share their struggles, careers, dreams, and history.

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Ecuadorian Musical Genres

Educational videos discussing the origin of various Ecuadorian musical genres. Learn the history, instruments, and steps behind each traditional rhythm.

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