Amawta Roots- Musicians Program. Preserve, Disseminate and Educate

Amawta Roots is part of a musicians program at the Ecuadorian American Cultural Center’s initiative to amplify Ecuadorian American musical genres, instruments and talent.

Amawta Roots is a musical group in charge of disseminating the different Ecuadorian musical genres for New York City community and beyond, which wants to project Ecuador as a cultural power and invite communities of other cultures to learn about the diversity within Ecuadorian music.
Our mission is to promote Ecuadorian music through a fresh vision, strengthen our identity and promote musical works by Ecuadorian composers and musicians, as well as contribute new music to attract audiences from different generations.

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Emilia Matamoros

An Ecuadorian-born Latin pop singer-songwriter, now based in New York City, boasts a diverse artistic background. With studies in Music from Lehman College, Humanities from LaGuardia Community College, and private vocal training, she’s become a well-rounded artist. Emilia’s music blends innovative pop and Latin rhythms, while her theatrical and audiovisual work shines. She’s earned accolades, including the 2022 Unidad Awards’ Best Alternative Artist. Emilia also offers private singing lessons and contributes to various artistic projects. Find her music in all major digital platforms.

Fernando Lechón

A multidisciplinary artist with a background in Fine Arts from Ecuador, co-founded the mural collective Ukupacha. For five years, he traveled across Ecuador and parts of Peru, creating murals that celebrated the deep roots and traditions of each community. His rich experiences enriched his artistic character. Based in the U.S. for a decade, Fernando is not only a musician but also a cultural ambassador. He co-created the traditional music group Kaylla, touring Ecuador and teaching traditional Ecuadorian music to children and adolescents in New York’s migrant community spaces. Fernando’s murals adorn institutions like the Bronx Music Heritage Center and Queens Hospital.

Omar Barbecho

This versatile artist, with a background in the Faculty of Performing Arts at the University of Cuenca, is an actor, director, playwright, dancer, and musician. Since 2011, he’s been active in theater, with a focus on clown, absurdism, and physical theater. As a musician, he explores experimental sounds to enhance his artistic process. In late 2018, he embarked on personal projects that blend theater, dance, and music, expanding into new realms of theatrical creation, dramaturgy, and direction.

In Ecuador, he was part of the “Moenia” Theater Group in Guayaquil and collaborated on various theatrical projects, including international tours and community workshops. In 2022, he presented “The Walking Man” at the Museum of Queens as part of the “Diasporic Creative Lab” project.

Ruben Arizaga

An Ecuadorian musician with 40 years of experience. He studied at the Jose Maria Rodriguez Music Conservatory in Cuenca, Ecuador. Ruben is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in guitar, piano, vocals, and primarily, the electric bass. He’s also a skilled music producer, arranger, and has experience in recording engineering and live sound. Throughout his musical career, he’s been part of numerous musical groups and orchestras spanning various genres, as well as a solo artist. Alongside his music, Ruben is dedicated to music education, offering private lessons and workshops for various instruments at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Manuel Muñoz Viteri

An artist born in Cuenca, Ecuador, in 1962. Manuel has extensive experience as a professional guitarist, showcasing his talent through various musical productions throughout his career. He pursued his music studies at the conservatory in Cuenca, specializing in guitar and piano in Ecuadorian music genres. Throughout his music career, he has shared stages with various musical groups and recorded in different music genres. These include five record productions with Victor Sao El Bachatero de Cuenca (1990-1995). Similarly, he worked with the Vallenato Sin Fronteras group, achieving several record productions and tours in the United States. Manuel continues to enjoy contributing his musical talent as an artist and educator.”

Marco Tamayo

Born in Ibarra, Ecuador, this talented artist is a multi-instrumentalist who began his musical journey at the age of 10. Over the years, he has preserved and enriched his love for music, becoming a prominent member of several musical groups in his homeland.

His passion for music has taken him to international stages, including countries in Europe, Canada, and Colombia. Today, he resides in the United States, where he continues to share and promote the richness of Ecuadorian and Latin American music. He has had the honor of sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Kjarkas, Illapu, and Inti Illimani, among others.

His impressive musical career is reflected in his extensive discography that spans various musical genres. In addition to his success as a musician, he also shares his knowledge through Andean instrumental classes, open to students of all levels.


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