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Therefore, my base line stock you could potentially state is a two-3″ Asfur angel (changing), a great 5-6″ royal tang (ancient) and you can an excellent step 3″ volitans lion (which i just desire bits)

Green bird wrasse in a reef? Dear Robert My name is Edgar, I live in Mexico and currently I have a 110 gal reef tank with several soft and hard corals, mushrooms, zoanthids, feather dusters, 2 anemones (E. quadricolor), snails and shrimps (2 S. hispidus. 2 L amboinensis and 3 L wurdemanni) . biaculeatus as well as one Salarias fasciata.. I wonder whether a green wrasse could be a good addition to my set up. I know they get big, but I also have several friends which can keep him/her when he/she reaches adulthood. I know these fish can eat bristleworms, but I don’t know whether they can (and will) eat my featherdusters or will bother some of my corals. Could you please give me some advice? Thanks Edgar

Hi Robert Thanks a lot for your fast answer, I’ll follow your advice and get a small wrasse for my tank. Edgar

Re: reef fish (Wrasses) Steve, Would a Scott’s fairy wrasse be ok for my tank? I didn’t know if my sixline would be a problem. Once again thank you for your help. I am trying to figure out what and how many fish I can add to the tank. Jason

Re: Environmentally friendly bird wrasse for the an effective reef?

Re: starting again Jason, <> Thanks for your previous replies. given food for thought. Having really analyzed and discussed things with other folks, I have abandoned the idea of starting from scratch and instead am going to keep the few fish that are getting on, and work from there. far more sensible :-). Had considered getting rid of my lion too, and going “peaceful” as you say, but I really feel I “need” my lionfish 🙂 if you know what I mean. If however there was some conflict or whatever I would obviously consider the fishes needs first. So, basically, my tank is 78x18x18 (to re-cap). Despite all that which has gone before, I am now certain that I am going to keeping my Asfur angel, volitans lion, and my regal blk tang. I really like these fish, and these all get along well. The only other fish that lives in harmony at the moment is my little 4 line red sea cleaner wrasse (a good 3″) . but within 6 months he is going to be moved due to the lion. <> What I’d like to add which I am unsure of is a wrasse species. I am very interested in both the lunare wrasse (T. Lunare) and the Cuban hogfish (B. pulchellus). I understand both these fish attain about 8″ or so in the average home aquarium. can you foresee a problem if I added EITHER of these (not both. ) <> The reason I ask is that I had a lunare before, a few years back, but made the mistake of putting him in early in the tanks life. he later killed a fuzzy dwarf lion (which was added after the wrasse), and I am now afraid that the same might happen with the volitans. is this something I should worry about, or is it very unlikely. <> Would such concerns be relevant with regard to the hogfish? <> Generally I am pretty familiar with T. lunare’s habits etc, is it fair to say that the hogfish is similar in behaviour / activity / swimming etc? <> This would probably be the last addition to my tank, as it would be approaching “over stocked” at that. Thanks a lot for your input. Regards Matt <>